Do I have a simple ceremony or a nuptial Mass?

You work this out with the priest who will be witnessing your vows. He will make the decision after such a discussion with you.

My fiancé and I have not attended church for a long time. Can we still get married in your church? 

If you would like to marry in any Catholic Church, it is important to establish a tradition of attending mass regularly. In this way, you will become re-acquainted with the prayers and rituals in the Mass and you will get to know a priest with whom you feel comfortable enough to invite to accompany you in the journey through the preparation and the ceremony. We suggest attending services and registering in a parish near your residence or known to your friends or family members.

We’re very concerned about coordinating the reception hall, etc. for that day. Can we book the church now? 

We ask that you consult with your priest for his availability first. It is helpful to examine a few dates with him and make note of them, so that you have something to work with if your first choice is not available. Note: we are only able to reserve the Cathedral for weddings one year prior to the date of your request. The only exception to this policy would be the registered parishioner of the Cathedral and approval by our clergy.

My uncle is a priest but he lives out of the country. Could he preside at our wedding? 

If a Catholic priest from out of our Diocese commits to preside at the wedding ceremony, this arrangement is acceptable, given that we can establish that his ministerial faculties are in order and a Letter of Suitability from his Bishop or Superior/Provincial is REQUIRED. The marriage preparation may be overseen locally by another priest of the couple’s choice. In this case, each priest will receive written confirmation of his stated commitment.

My fiancé is not Catholic. Can we get married in the Catholic Church? I was married before. Can I remarry in the Catholic Church? I still need to make my First Communion and Confirmation. Is this a problem?

These are some of the issues that are discussed in the initial interview with your priest. Each situation will be examined individually by the priest, who will give the couple recommendations on how to address specific needs. He is the person who ultimately would declare the couple’s readiness for marriage in the Catholic Church.

Who should I talk to if I have more questions? 

Please contact our Reservation Coordinator, Antonia Lira, at 408/283-8100 ext. 2204 for the reservation or if you have further questions regarding your Cathedral wedding. We look forward to serving you as your wedding day approaches.

St. Anne's Catholic Church, Columbia, CA